Essential Information


Employment Formalities

Once a parent has registered with Tigerlily childcare, we will provide you with an information pack that includes interview questions, employment contracts and a thorough guide to employing a nanny.

Contract of Employment

The law requires a nanny to receive a contract of employment within the first eight weeks of their employment. The contract must include, the start date, the period of employment and notice, main duties, working hours, salary, leave, sick pay and offences that will result in dismissal.

Tax and National Insurance

Employers should visit the Inland Revenue web site or use the link to access the Nanny Tax website on our links page for information and advice. Employers are responsible for the payment of tax and national insurance on their nanny's salary.

Public and Employer's Liability Insurance

As an employer, the family must check that their insurer protects them against possible claims made by their nanny, such as personal injury.